pg_import_rec Struct Reference

#include <pgTxr.h>

Detailed Description

Definition at line 207 of file pgTxr.h.

Data Fields

long target_pos
long t_length
pg_short_t last_style_item
pg_short_t last_par_item
short last_font_index
memory_ref t_blocks
memory_ref t_style_run
memory_ref par_style_run
memory_ref previous_import

Field Documentation

short pg_import_rec::last_font_index

Definition at line 212 of file pgTxr.h.

pg_short_t pg_import_rec::last_par_item

Definition at line 211 of file pgTxr.h.

pg_short_t pg_import_rec::last_style_item

Definition at line 210 of file pgTxr.h.

memory_ref pg_import_rec::par_style_run

Definition at line 215 of file pgTxr.h.

memory_ref pg_import_rec::previous_import

Definition at line 216 of file pgTxr.h.

memory_ref pg_import_rec::t_blocks

Definition at line 213 of file pgTxr.h.

long pg_import_rec::t_length

Definition at line 209 of file pgTxr.h.

memory_ref pg_import_rec::t_style_run

Definition at line 214 of file pgTxr.h.

long pg_import_rec::target_pos

Definition at line 208 of file pgTxr.h.

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