textdisplay.h File Reference

#include "shelltypes.h"

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#define textdisplayinclude


void gettextdisplayinfo (Rect, short, short, short, tylinespacing, short, tytextdisplayinfo *)

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#define textdisplayinclude

Definition at line 28 of file textdisplay.h.

Function Documentation

void gettextdisplayinfo Rect  ,
short  ,
short  ,
short  ,
tylinespacing  ,
short  ,

Definition at line 43 of file textdisplay.c.

References tyFontInfo::ascent, tyFontInfo::descent, doublespaced, globalfontinfo, tytextdisplayinfo::h, heightsmallicon, horizinset, tytextdisplayinfo::horizscrollpixels, info, insetrect(), tytextdisplayinfo::lh, max, oneandahalfspaced, oneandalittlespaced, oneandaquarterspaced, popstyle(), pushstyle(), tytextdisplayinfo::r, tytextdisplayinfo::screenlines, singlespaced, triplespaced, tytextdisplayinfo::v, and vertinset.

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