tycancoonrecord Struct Reference

#include <cancoon.h>

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Detailed Description

Definition at line 90 of file cancoon.h.

Data Fields

hdldatabaserecord hdatabase
hdlhashtable hroottable
Handle hrootvariable
hdlmenubarlist hmenubarlist
hdlprocesslist hprocesslist
Handle hscriptstring
tycancoonwindowinfo windowinfo [ctwindowinfo]
hdlstring hprimarymsg
hdlstring hsecondarymsg
hdltreenode hprimaryagent
short oldwidth
short buttoncursor
boolean fldirty
boolean flbigwindow
boolean flbackgroundmsgblocked
boolean flflagdisabled
boolean flpopupdisabled
hdltablestack htablestack
boolean accesssing

Field Documentation

boolean tycancoonrecord::accesssing

Definition at line 63 of file odbengine.c.

short tycancoonrecord::buttoncursor

Definition at line 126 of file cancoon.h.

boolean tycancoonrecord::flbackgroundmsgblocked

Definition at line 134 of file cancoon.h.

Referenced by ccunblockmsg().

boolean tycancoonrecord::flbigwindow

Definition at line 132 of file cancoon.h.

boolean tycancoonrecord::fldirty

Definition at line 130 of file cancoon.h.

Referenced by cccopywindowinfo().

boolean tycancoonrecord::flflagdisabled

Definition at line 136 of file cancoon.h.

Referenced by cctoggleflag().

boolean tycancoonrecord::flpopupdisabled

Definition at line 138 of file cancoon.h.

Referenced by cctoggleagentspopup().

hdldatabaserecord tycancoonrecord::hdatabase

Definition at line 92 of file cancoon.h.

Referenced by ccloadfile(), and odbOpenFile().

hdlmenubarlist tycancoonrecord::hmenubarlist

Definition at line 100 of file cancoon.h.

hdltreenode tycancoonrecord::hprimaryagent

Definition at line 112 of file cancoon.h.

Referenced by ccagentselectvisit(), and cccodereplaced().

hdlstring tycancoonrecord::hprimarymsg

Definition at line 108 of file cancoon.h.

hdlprocesslist tycancoonrecord::hprocesslist

Definition at line 102 of file cancoon.h.

hdlhashtable tycancoonrecord::hroottable

Definition at line 94 of file cancoon.h.

Handle tycancoonrecord::hrootvariable

Definition at line 96 of file cancoon.h.

Handle tycancoonrecord::hscriptstring

Definition at line 104 of file cancoon.h.

hdlstring tycancoonrecord::hsecondarymsg

Definition at line 110 of file cancoon.h.

hdltablestack tycancoonrecord::htablestack

Definition at line 61 of file odbengine.c.

short tycancoonrecord::oldwidth

Definition at line 114 of file cancoon.h.

tycancoonwindowinfo tycancoonrecord::windowinfo[ctwindowinfo]

Definition at line 106 of file cancoon.h.

Referenced by loadversion2cancoonfile().

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