tyeditinfo Struct Reference

#include <iowa.h>

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Detailed Description

Definition at line 56 of file iowa.h.

Data Fields

short mode
typopuprecord stylingpopup
short stylingarrowmode
Rect rname
Rect rscript
Rect rcolorpopup
Rect rpopup
boolean flnameempty
boolean flscriptempty
boolean flstatusbaredit
hdlobject hobjectinstatusbar
boolean fleditname
Rect redit
hdleditrecord heditbuffer
boolean initcalculatedobjects
Point lastclickpoint
boolean flnubonborder

Field Documentation

boolean tyeditinfo::fleditname

Definition at line 72 of file iowa.h.

boolean tyeditinfo::flnameempty

Definition at line 66 of file iowa.h.

boolean tyeditinfo::flnubonborder

Definition at line 82 of file iowa.h.

boolean tyeditinfo::flscriptempty

Definition at line 66 of file iowa.h.

boolean tyeditinfo::flstatusbaredit

Definition at line 68 of file iowa.h.

hdleditrecord tyeditinfo::heditbuffer

Definition at line 76 of file iowa.h.

hdlobject tyeditinfo::hobjectinstatusbar

Definition at line 70 of file iowa.h.

boolean tyeditinfo::initcalculatedobjects

Definition at line 78 of file iowa.h.

Point tyeditinfo::lastclickpoint

Definition at line 80 of file iowa.h.

short tyeditinfo::mode

Definition at line 58 of file iowa.h.

Rect tyeditinfo::rcolorpopup

Definition at line 64 of file iowa.h.

Rect tyeditinfo::redit

Definition at line 74 of file iowa.h.

Rect tyeditinfo::rname

Definition at line 64 of file iowa.h.

Rect tyeditinfo::rpopup

Definition at line 64 of file iowa.h.

Rect tyeditinfo::rscript

Definition at line 64 of file iowa.h.

short tyeditinfo::stylingarrowmode

Definition at line 62 of file iowa.h.

typopuprecord tyeditinfo::stylingpopup

Definition at line 60 of file iowa.h.

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