cancoon.h File Reference

#include "db.h"
#include "lang.h"
#include "process.h"
#include "menueditor.h"

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Data Structures

struct  tycancoonwindowinfo
struct  tycancoonrecord


#define cancooninclude
#define ctwindowinfo   6
#define ixcancooninfo   0
#define ixmsginfo   1
#define ixlangerrorinfo   2
#define ixcommandinfo   3
#define ixaboutinfo   4
#define ixpaletteinfo   5


typedef tycancoonrecordptrcancoonrecord
typedef tycancoonrecord ** hdlcancoonrecord


boolean ccnewfilewindow (tyexternalid, WindowPtr *, boolean)
boolean ccdisposefilerecord (void)
boolean ccsavespecialfile (ptrfilespec, hdlfilenum, short, boolean, boolean)
boolean ccgetwindowrect (short, Rect *)
boolean ccnewsubwindow (hdlwindowinfo, short)
boolean ccsubwindowclose (hdlwindowinfo, short)
boolean cccopywindowinfo (hdlwindowinfo, short)
void setcancoonglobals (hdlcancoonrecord)
boolean ccinexpertmode (void)
boolean ccfindrootwindow (hdlwindowinfo *)
hdldatabaserecord ccwindowgetdatabase (WindowPtr)
boolean ccstart (void)


hdlcancoonrecord cancoonglobals

Define Documentation

#define cancooninclude

Definition at line 28 of file cancoon.h.

#define ctwindowinfo   6

Definition at line 60 of file cancoon.h.

Referenced by ccsavefile(), loadversion2cancoonfile(), and newcancoonrecord().

#define ixaboutinfo   4

Definition at line 66 of file cancoon.h.

Referenced by aboutclose(), aboutresizeafterfontchange(), aboutwindowsetup(), and newaboutwindow().

#define ixcancooninfo   0

Definition at line 62 of file cancoon.h.

Referenced by ccloadfile(), and ccsavefile().

#define ixcommandinfo   3

Definition at line 65 of file cancoon.h.

Referenced by cmdsetfields().

#define ixlangerrorinfo   2

Definition at line 64 of file cancoon.h.

Referenced by langerrorclose(), langerrorgetwindowrect(), and langerrornewwindow().

#define ixmsginfo   1

Definition at line 63 of file cancoon.h.

#define ixpaletteinfo   5

Definition at line 67 of file cancoon.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct tycancoonrecord ** hdlcancoonrecord

typedef struct tycancoonrecord * ptrcancoonrecord

Function Documentation

boolean cccopywindowinfo hdlwindowinfo  ,

Definition at line 153 of file cancoon.c.

References cancoondata, cancoonwindow, ccgetwindowinfo(), ccsetwindowinfo(), diskrecttorect(), equalrects(), tycancoonrecord::fldirty, tycancoonwindowinfo::fontnum, tycancoonwindowinfo::fontsize, r, recttodiskrect(), shellgetglobalwindowrect(), shellpopglobals(), shellpushrootglobals(), tycancoonwindowinfo::windowrect, and windowsetchanges().

Referenced by aboutresizeafterfontchange(), ccsubwindowclose(), and minisetfontsize().

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boolean ccdisposefilerecord void   ) 

Definition at line 1449 of file cancoon.c.

References tyshellglobals::getvariableroutine, langexternaldisposevalue(), nil, setexternalvalue(), shellclearwindowdata(), shellglobals, and shellwindowinfo.

Referenced by menustart(), opstart(), pictstart(), scriptstart(), tablestart(), and wpstart().

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boolean ccfindrootwindow hdlwindowinfo  ) 

Definition at line 403 of file cancoonwindow.c.

References findrootvisit(), getwindowinfo(), idcancoonconfig, nil, and shellvisittypedwindows().

Referenced by aboutsave(), aboutsetsuperglobals(), attachabout(), ccgetwindowrect(), filemenufunctionvalue(), langexternalgetowningwindow(), minifindwindow(), mininewwindow(), shelladjustmenus(), shellhandlemenu(), shellopen(), and shellupdatewindowmenu().

Here is the call graph for this function:

boolean ccgetwindowrect short  ,

Definition at line 232 of file cancoon.c.

References ccfindrootwindow(), ccgetwindowinfo(), ccwindowconfigs, tyconfigrecord::defaultwindowrect, diskrecttorect(), setrect(), shellgetconfig(), shellpopglobals(), shellpushglobals(), and tycancoonwindowinfo::windowrect.

Referenced by browsernewwindow(), langerrorgetwindowrect(), minigetwindowrect(), and newaboutwindow().

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boolean ccinexpertmode void   ) 

Definition at line 1600 of file cancoon.c.

References idinexpertmodescript, and langgetuserflag().

Referenced by ccloadfile(), shelladjustmenus(), and shellupdatewindowmenu().

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boolean ccnewfilewindow tyexternalid  ,
WindowPtr ,

Definition at line 1084 of file cancoon.c.

References tyvaluerecord::data, disposevaluerecord(), tyvaluedata::externalvalue, langexternalnewvalue(), langexternalsetdirty(), langexternalwindowopen(), langexternalzoomfilewindow(), and nil.

Referenced by ccnewobjectcommand(), and filemenufunctionvalue().

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boolean ccnewsubwindow hdlwindowinfo  ,

Definition at line 129 of file cancoon.c.

References ccgetwindowinfo(), ccsetwindowinfo(), tycancoonwindowinfo::fontnum, tycancoonwindowinfo::fontsize, shellpopglobals(), shellpushrootglobals(), and tycancoonwindowinfo::w.

Referenced by browsernewwindow(), langerrornewwindow(), and mininewwindow().

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boolean ccsavespecialfile ptrfilespec  ,
hdlfilenum  ,
short  ,
boolean  ,

Definition at line 919 of file cancoon.c.

References bigstring, bsfalse, bstrue, cleartmpstack(), closefile(), coercetostring(), fileseteof(), filesetposition(), filewritehandle(), getsystemtablescript(), tyshellglobals::getvariableroutine, idsavewindowscript, langdeparsestring(), langexternalregisterwindow(), langexternalunregisterwindow(), langrun(), newtexthandle(), nil, openfile(), parsedialogstring(), pophashtable(), popprocess(), pushhashtable(), pushprocess(), pushvalueontmpstack(), roottable, shellgetwindowtitle(), shellglobals, shellwindow, shellwindowinfo, windowgetpath(), and windowsetfspec().

Referenced by menustart(), opstart(), pictstart(), scriptstart(), tablestart(), and wpstart().

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boolean ccstart void   ) 

Definition at line 1857 of file cancoon.c.

References cccomparenodes(), ccmenuroutine(), ccpartialeventloop(), ccrestoreglobals(), ccsaveglobals(), ccsymbolchanged(), ccsymboldeleted(), ccsymbolinserted(), ccwindowstart(), tylangcallbacks::comparenodescallback, langcallbacks, tylangcallbacks::partialeventloopcallback, processsymbolunlinking(), tylangcallbacks::restoreglobalscallback, tylangcallbacks::saveglobalscallback, shellpushmenuhook(), tylangcallbacks::symbolchangedcallback, tylangcallbacks::symboldeletedcallback, tylangcallbacks::symbolinsertedcallback, and tylangcallbacks::symbolunlinkingcallback.

Referenced by frontierstart(), and main().

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boolean ccsubwindowclose hdlwindowinfo  ,

Definition at line 210 of file cancoon.c.

References cccopywindowinfo(), ccgetwindowinfo(), ccsetwindowinfo(), nil, shellpopglobals(), shellpushrootglobals(), and tycancoonwindowinfo::w.

Referenced by aboutclose(), langerrorclose(), and miniclose().

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hdldatabaserecord ccwindowgetdatabase WindowPtr   ) 

Definition at line 419 of file cancoonwindow.c.

References getwindowinfo(), nil, and tablegetdatabase().

Referenced by finddatabasevisit(), and tablesymbolchangedwindowvisit().

Here is the call graph for this function:

void setcancoonglobals hdlcancoonrecord   ) 

Definition at line 534 of file cancoon.c.

References cancoonglobals, databasedata, nil, setcurrentmenubarlist(), setcurrentprocesslist(), and settablestructureglobals().

Referenced by ccdisposerecord(), ccloadfile(), ccnewrecord(), ccpartialeventloop(), ccrestoreglobals(), ccsetsuperglobals(), odbCloseFile(), odbCountItems(), odbDefined(), odbDelete(), odbDisposeValue(), odbGetModDate(), odbGetNthItem(), odbGetType(), odbGetValue(), odbNewTable(), odbSaveFile(), odbSetValue(), and swapinthreadglobals().

Here is the call graph for this function:

Variable Documentation

hdlcancoonrecord cancoonglobals

Definition at line 79 of file cancoon.c.

Referenced by aboutclose(), aboutsetthreadstring(), aboutwindowsetup(), aboutzoom(), cccodereplaced(), ccdisposerecord(), ccdrawagentpopup(), ccdrawmsg(), ccloadfile(), ccmsg(), ccnewrecord(), ccpartialeventloop(), ccrestoreglobals(), ccsaveglobals(), ccsetsuperglobals(), ccunblockmsg(), clearcancoonglobals(), cmdloadstring(), cmdsavestring(), copythreadglobals(), findrootvisit(), odbaccesswindow(), odbclosefile(), odbcountitems(), odbdefined(), odbdelete(), odbdisposevalue(), odbgetmoddate(), odbgetnthitem(), odbgettype(), odbgetvalue(), odbnewfile(), odbnewtable(), odbopenfile(), odbsavefile(), odbsetvalue(), setcancoonglobals(), shellrunwindowconfirmationscript(), and swapinthreadglobals().

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