tycard Struct Reference

#include <ioa.h>

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Detailed Description

Definition at line 269 of file ioa.h.

Data Fields

short versionnumber
hdlobject objectlist
hdlobject selectionlist
Handle windowtitle
boolean runmode
boolean flactive
boolean tracking
hdlobject trackerobject
boolean trackerpressed
boolean bitmapactive
Handle updatethiseditbuffer
hdlobject activetextobject
boolean flskiptext
boolean dontdraw
Rect pictrect
PicHandle macpicture
boolean needsupdate
RGBColor backcolor
WindowPtr drawwindow
Rect updaterect
tyobject defaults
tyupdatecallback updatecallback
boolean flgrid
short gridunits
Handle temphandles [cttemphandles]
boolean recalcneeded
long recalctickcount
short rightborder
short bottomborder
long refcon
Handle tablename
Handle embeddedtable
boolean tablestoredinfrontier
FontInfo fontinfo
tygetobjectsizecallback IOAgetobjectsizeCallback
tyobjectptrhandlecallback IOAgetstringvalueCallback
tyRGBcallback IOApushforecolorCallback
tyvoidcallback IOApopforecolorCallback
tyRGBcallback IOApushbackcolorCallback
tyvoidcallback IOApopbackcolorCallback
tyobjectcallback IOArunbuttonscriptCallback
tyobjectptrhandlecallback IOAgetbooleanvalueCallback
tyobjecthandlecallback IOAsetbooleanvalueCallback
tydrawtexthandlecallback IOAeditdrawtexthandleCallback
tyobjectcallback IOArecalcobjectvalueCallback
tyevalscriptcallback IOAevalscriptCallback
tyobjectcallback IOAinvalobjectCallback
tyobjecthandlecallback IOAsetobjectvalueCallback
tyvoidcallback IOAclearactivetextobjectCallback
tyobjectcallback IOAsetactivetextobjectCallback
tyreturnshandlecallback IOAgetactiveeditrecordCallback
tyeditclickcallback IOAeditclickCallback
tyhandlecallback IOAeditselectallCallback
tyhandlecallback IOAeditidleCallback
tycharhandlecallback IOAeditkeystrokeCallback
tygetnthstringcallback IOAgetnthstringCallback
boolean flinvisiblegrid
boolean flautoname
EventRecord macevent
boolean floater
long idwindow
boolean fullupdate
Point defaultnewobjectlocation
Rect deferredinvalrect
boolean notscriptedcard: 1
boolean runtimevaluechanged: 1
boolean reservedbit2: 1
boolean reservedbit3: 1
boolean reservedbit4: 1
boolean reservedbit5: 1
boolean reservedbit6: 1
boolean reservedbit7: 1
boolean reservedbit8: 1
boolean runmodechanges: 1
boolean appbit1: 1
boolean appbit2: 1
boolean appbit3: 1
boolean appbit4: 1
boolean appbit5: 1
boolean appbit6: 1
hdlobject recalcobject
char waste [4]

Field Documentation

hdlobject tycard::activetextobject

Definition at line 293 of file ioa.h.

Referenced by IACgetcardattributes().

boolean tycard::appbit1

Definition at line 417 of file ioa.h.

boolean tycard::appbit2

Definition at line 419 of file ioa.h.

boolean tycard::appbit3

Definition at line 421 of file ioa.h.

boolean tycard::appbit4

Definition at line 423 of file ioa.h.

boolean tycard::appbit5

Definition at line 425 of file ioa.h.

boolean tycard::appbit6

Definition at line 427 of file ioa.h.

RGBColor tycard::backcolor

Definition at line 305 of file ioa.h.

Referenced by IACgetcardattributes(), and IACsetcardattributes().

boolean tycard::bitmapactive

Definition at line 289 of file ioa.h.

short tycard::bottomborder

Definition at line 325 of file ioa.h.

Referenced by IACgetcardattributes(), and IACsetcardattributes().

Point tycard::defaultnewobjectlocation

Definition at line 393 of file ioa.h.

tyobject tycard::defaults

Definition at line 311 of file ioa.h.

Rect tycard::deferredinvalrect

Definition at line 395 of file ioa.h.

boolean tycard::dontdraw

Definition at line 297 of file ioa.h.

WindowPtr tycard::drawwindow

Definition at line 307 of file ioa.h.

Handle tycard::embeddedtable

Definition at line 331 of file ioa.h.

boolean tycard::flactive

Definition at line 281 of file ioa.h.

boolean tycard::flautoname

Definition at line 383 of file ioa.h.

boolean tycard::flgrid

Definition at line 315 of file ioa.h.

Referenced by IACgetcardattributes(), and IACsetcardattributes().

boolean tycard::flinvisiblegrid

Definition at line 381 of file ioa.h.

Referenced by IACgetcardattributes(), and IACsetcardattributes().

boolean tycard::floater

Definition at line 387 of file ioa.h.

Referenced by IACgetcardattributes(), and IACsetcardattributes().

boolean tycard::flskiptext

Definition at line 295 of file ioa.h.

FontInfo tycard::fontinfo

Definition at line 335 of file ioa.h.

Referenced by pregluecall().

boolean tycard::fullupdate

Definition at line 391 of file ioa.h.

Referenced by IACsetcardattributes().

short tycard::gridunits

Definition at line 317 of file ioa.h.

Referenced by drawgrid(), IACgetcardattributes(), and IACsetcardattributes().

long tycard::idwindow

Definition at line 389 of file ioa.h.

Referenced by IACgetcardattributes(), and IACsetcardattributes().

tyvoidcallback tycard::IOAclearactivetextobjectCallback

Definition at line 365 of file ioa.h.

tyeditclickcallback tycard::IOAeditclickCallback

Definition at line 371 of file ioa.h.

tydrawtexthandlecallback tycard::IOAeditdrawtexthandleCallback

Definition at line 355 of file ioa.h.

tyhandlecallback tycard::IOAeditidleCallback

Definition at line 375 of file ioa.h.

tycharhandlecallback tycard::IOAeditkeystrokeCallback

Definition at line 377 of file ioa.h.

tyhandlecallback tycard::IOAeditselectallCallback

Definition at line 373 of file ioa.h.

tyevalscriptcallback tycard::IOAevalscriptCallback

Definition at line 359 of file ioa.h.

tyreturnshandlecallback tycard::IOAgetactiveeditrecordCallback

Definition at line 369 of file ioa.h.

tyobjectptrhandlecallback tycard::IOAgetbooleanvalueCallback

Definition at line 351 of file ioa.h.

tygetnthstringcallback tycard::IOAgetnthstringCallback

Definition at line 379 of file ioa.h.

tygetobjectsizecallback tycard::IOAgetobjectsizeCallback

Definition at line 337 of file ioa.h.

Referenced by initIOAcallbacks().

tyobjectptrhandlecallback tycard::IOAgetstringvalueCallback

Definition at line 339 of file ioa.h.

tyobjectcallback tycard::IOAinvalobjectCallback

Definition at line 361 of file ioa.h.

tyvoidcallback tycard::IOApopbackcolorCallback

Definition at line 347 of file ioa.h.

tyvoidcallback tycard::IOApopforecolorCallback

Definition at line 343 of file ioa.h.

tyRGBcallback tycard::IOApushbackcolorCallback

Definition at line 345 of file ioa.h.

tyRGBcallback tycard::IOApushforecolorCallback

Definition at line 341 of file ioa.h.

tyobjectcallback tycard::IOArecalcobjectvalueCallback

Definition at line 357 of file ioa.h.

tyobjectcallback tycard::IOArunbuttonscriptCallback

Definition at line 349 of file ioa.h.

tyobjectcallback tycard::IOAsetactivetextobjectCallback

Definition at line 367 of file ioa.h.

tyobjecthandlecallback tycard::IOAsetbooleanvalueCallback

Definition at line 353 of file ioa.h.

tyobjecthandlecallback tycard::IOAsetobjectvalueCallback

Definition at line 363 of file ioa.h.

EventRecord tycard::macevent

Definition at line 385 of file ioa.h.

PicHandle tycard::macpicture

Definition at line 301 of file ioa.h.

boolean tycard::needsupdate

Definition at line 303 of file ioa.h.

boolean tycard::notscriptedcard

Definition at line 397 of file ioa.h.

hdlobject tycard::objectlist

Definition at line 273 of file ioa.h.

Referenced by getfirsttextobject(), getnexttextobject(), getprevtextobject(), and sortobjectlist().

Rect tycard::pictrect

Definition at line 299 of file ioa.h.

boolean tycard::recalcneeded

Definition at line 321 of file ioa.h.

Referenced by IACgetcardattributes(), and IACsetcardattributes().

hdlobject tycard::recalcobject

Definition at line 429 of file ioa.h.

Referenced by IACsetcardattributes().

long tycard::recalctickcount

Definition at line 323 of file ioa.h.

Referenced by IACgetcardattributes(), and IACsetcardattributes().

long tycard::refcon

Definition at line 327 of file ioa.h.

Referenced by drawborder().

boolean tycard::reservedbit2

Definition at line 401 of file ioa.h.

boolean tycard::reservedbit3

Definition at line 403 of file ioa.h.

boolean tycard::reservedbit4

Definition at line 405 of file ioa.h.

boolean tycard::reservedbit5

Definition at line 407 of file ioa.h.

boolean tycard::reservedbit6

Definition at line 409 of file ioa.h.

boolean tycard::reservedbit7

Definition at line 411 of file ioa.h.

boolean tycard::reservedbit8

Definition at line 413 of file ioa.h.

short tycard::rightborder

Definition at line 325 of file ioa.h.

Referenced by IACgetcardattributes(), IACsetcardattributes(), and setnubonborder().

boolean tycard::runmode

Definition at line 279 of file ioa.h.

Referenced by moveIntoCardWindow(), and newCardWindow().

boolean tycard::runmodechanges

Definition at line 415 of file ioa.h.

boolean tycard::runtimevaluechanged

Definition at line 399 of file ioa.h.

hdlobject tycard::selectionlist

Definition at line 275 of file ioa.h.

Handle tycard::tablename

Definition at line 329 of file ioa.h.

Referenced by frontStartCard().

boolean tycard::tablestoredinfrontier

Definition at line 333 of file ioa.h.

Handle tycard::temphandles[cttemphandles]

Definition at line 319 of file ioa.h.

hdlobject tycard::trackerobject

Definition at line 285 of file ioa.h.

boolean tycard::trackerpressed

Definition at line 287 of file ioa.h.

Referenced by hotobject().

boolean tycard::tracking

Definition at line 283 of file ioa.h.

Referenced by returnkeyvisit().

tyupdatecallback tycard::updatecallback

Definition at line 313 of file ioa.h.

Rect tycard::updaterect

Definition at line 309 of file ioa.h.

Handle tycard::updatethiseditbuffer

Definition at line 291 of file ioa.h.

short tycard::versionnumber

Definition at line 271 of file ioa.h.

char tycard::waste[4]

Definition at line 431 of file ioa.h.

Handle tycard::windowtitle

Definition at line 277 of file ioa.h.

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