appletwordwrap.h File Reference

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#define appletwordwrapinclude


boolean wordwraphandle (Handle)
boolean uppercasehandle (Handle)
boolean daveNetMassager (short, short, Handle, Handle *)

Define Documentation

#define appletwordwrapinclude

Definition at line 7 of file appletwordwrap.h.

Function Documentation

boolean daveNetMassager short  ,
short  ,
Handle  ,

Definition at line 137 of file appletwordwrap.c.

References bigstring, chreturn, equalstrings(), error, filledstring(), gethandlesize(), getnewhandle(), i, pushstring(), pushtexthandle(), setstringlength, and setstringwithchar.

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boolean uppercasehandle Handle   ) 

Definition at line 13 of file appletwordwrap.c.

References gethandlesize(), i, and lockhandle().

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boolean wordwraphandle Handle   ) 

Definition at line 44 of file appletwordwrap.c.

References chreturn, chtab, gethandlesize(), moveleft(), and sethandlesize().

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