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#define texteditinclude


void edittextbox (bigstring, Rect, short, short, short)
boolean edittwostringbox (bigstring, bigstring, Rect, short, short)

Define Documentation

#define texteditinclude

Definition at line 28 of file textedit.h.

Function Documentation

void edittextbox bigstring  ,
Rect  ,
short  ,
short  ,

Definition at line 39 of file textedit.c.

References popstyle(), pushstyle(), and stringlength.

Referenced by drawtextitem().

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boolean edittwostringbox bigstring  ,
bigstring  ,
Rect  ,
short  ,

Definition at line 60 of file textedit.c.

References bigstring, chreturn, disposehandle(), gethandlesize(), lockhandle(), newtexthandle(), popstyle(), pushstyle(), pushtexthandle(), setstringlength, stringlength, and unlockhandle().

Referenced by langerrordrawtext().

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