appletfileversion.c File Reference

#include "applet.h"
#include "appletresource.h"
#include "appletfilesinternal.h"
#include "appletfileversion.h"

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Data Structures

struct  lNumVersion
struct  lVersRec


#define emptyversionsize   ((long) sizeof (lNumVersion) + sizeof (short) + 2)


typedef lVersReclVersRecPtr
typedef lVersRec ** lVersRecHndl


static boolean versionnumtostring (lNumVersion numvers, bigstring bs)
boolean filegetversion (FSSpec *pfs, bigstring version, bigstring position)


static byte bsstages [] = "\pdab"

Define Documentation

#define emptyversionsize   ((long) sizeof (lNumVersion) + sizeof (short) + 2)

Definition at line 33 of file appletfileversion.c.

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct lVersRec ** lVersRecHndl

typedef struct lVersRec * lVersRecPtr

Function Documentation

boolean filegetversion FSSpec pfs,
bigstring  version,
bigstring  position

Definition at line 75 of file appletfileversion.c.

References closeresourcefile(), copystring(), disposehandle(), getresource(), getresourcehandle(), longsizeof, openresourcefile(), setstringlength, stringlength, and versionnumtostring().

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static boolean versionnumtostring lNumVersion  numvers,
bigstring  bs

Definition at line 36 of file appletfileversion.c.

References bsstages, lNumVersion::bugFixRev, lNumVersion::majorRev1, lNumVersion::majorRev2, lNumVersion::minorRev, lNumVersion::nonRelRev1, lNumVersion::nonRelRev2, pushchar(), pushint(), setemptystring, and lNumVersion::stage.

Referenced by filegetversion().

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Variable Documentation

byte bsstages[] = "\pdab" [static]

Definition at line 31 of file appletfileversion.c.

Referenced by versionnumtostring().

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