tysys7transportinfo Struct Reference

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Detailed Description

Definition at line 76 of file landsystem7.c.

Data Fields

hdlprocessthread hthread
AppleEvent sys7message
AppleEvent sys7reply
boolean flownmessage
boolean flownreply
boolean flnetwork: 1
boolean flprocessid: 1
boolean fltimedout: 1
boolean fluseraborted: 1
boolean fltoself: 1
boolean flsuspended: 1
ProcessSerialNumber receiverpsn
tynetworkaddress networkaddress
short replyid
unsigned long waketime

Field Documentation

boolean tysys7transportinfo::flnetwork

Definition at line 90 of file landsystem7.c.

Referenced by landsystem7newnetworkverb().

boolean tysys7transportinfo::flownmessage

Definition at line 86 of file landsystem7.c.

boolean tysys7transportinfo::flownreply

Definition at line 88 of file landsystem7.c.

boolean tysys7transportinfo::flprocessid

Definition at line 92 of file landsystem7.c.

Referenced by landsystem7newverb().

boolean tysys7transportinfo::flsuspended

Definition at line 100 of file landsystem7.c.

boolean tysys7transportinfo::fltimedout

Definition at line 94 of file landsystem7.c.

boolean tysys7transportinfo::fltoself

Definition at line 98 of file landsystem7.c.

boolean tysys7transportinfo::fluseraborted

Definition at line 96 of file landsystem7.c.

Referenced by landsystem7checktimeouts().

hdlprocessthread tysys7transportinfo::hthread

Definition at line 78 of file landsystem7.c.

tynetworkaddress tysys7transportinfo::networkaddress

Definition at line 104 of file landsystem7.c.

ProcessSerialNumber tysys7transportinfo::receiverpsn

Definition at line 102 of file landsystem7.c.

short tysys7transportinfo::replyid

Definition at line 106 of file landsystem7.c.

AppleEvent tysys7transportinfo::sys7message

Definition at line 82 of file landsystem7.c.

Referenced by landsystem7geteventrecords(), landsystem7send(), and landsystem7unpackverb().

AppleEvent tysys7transportinfo::sys7reply

Definition at line 84 of file landsystem7.c.

unsigned long tysys7transportinfo::waketime

Definition at line 108 of file landsystem7.c.

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