tycomponentglobals Struct Reference

#include <osainternal.h>

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Detailed Description

Definition at line 257 of file osainternal.h.

Data Fields

tycomponentglobals ** hnext
tycomponentglobals ** hserverosaglobals
short ctpushes
Component self
Boolean isHomeProcess
long clienta5
THz clientzone
short clientresfile
Handle clientresmaphandle
OSType clientid
ProcessSerialNumber clientpsn
long idcounter
hdlhashtable storagetable
AEDesc errordesc
GNEUPP getnexteventproc
OSAActiveUPP activeproc
OSACreateAppleEventUPP createproc
OSASendUPP sendproc
AEEventHandlerUPP resumedispatchproc
OSADebugUPP debugproc
long activeprocrefcon
long createprocrefcon
long sendprocrefcon
long resumedispatchprocrefcon
long debugprocrefcon
hdltreenode debugnode
hdlthreadglobals clientthreadglobals
hdlthreadglobals serverthreadglobals
tyMSglobals menusharingglobals
tyrecordingstate recordingstate

Field Documentation

OSAActiveUPP tycomponentglobals::activeproc

Definition at line 289 of file osainternal.h.

Referenced by osaSetActiveProc().

long tycomponentglobals::activeprocrefcon

Definition at line 299 of file osainternal.h.

long tycomponentglobals::clienta5

Definition at line 269 of file osainternal.h.

OSType tycomponentglobals::clientid

Definition at line 277 of file osainternal.h.

Referenced by osaInitSharedMenus().

ProcessSerialNumber tycomponentglobals::clientpsn

Definition at line 279 of file osainternal.h.

short tycomponentglobals::clientresfile

Definition at line 273 of file osainternal.h.

Handle tycomponentglobals::clientresmaphandle

Definition at line 275 of file osainternal.h.

hdlthreadglobals tycomponentglobals::clientthreadglobals

Definition at line 311 of file osainternal.h.

THz tycomponentglobals::clientzone

Definition at line 271 of file osainternal.h.

OSACreateAppleEventUPP tycomponentglobals::createproc

Definition at line 291 of file osainternal.h.

Referenced by osaGetCreateProc().

long tycomponentglobals::createprocrefcon

Definition at line 301 of file osainternal.h.

short tycomponentglobals::ctpushes

Definition at line 263 of file osainternal.h.

hdltreenode tycomponentglobals::debugnode

Definition at line 309 of file osainternal.h.

OSADebugUPP tycomponentglobals::debugproc

Definition at line 297 of file osainternal.h.

Referenced by osaSetDebugProc().

long tycomponentglobals::debugprocrefcon

Definition at line 307 of file osainternal.h.

AEDesc tycomponentglobals::errordesc

Definition at line 285 of file osainternal.h.

GNEUPP tycomponentglobals::getnexteventproc

Definition at line 287 of file osainternal.h.

struct tycomponentglobals** tycomponentglobals::hnext

Definition at line 259 of file osainternal.h.

Referenced by osacomponentverifyshutdown(), osafindclienteventfilter(), and servingsharedmenus().

struct tycomponentglobals** tycomponentglobals::hserverosaglobals

Definition at line 261 of file osainternal.h.

Referenced by osapopfastcontext().

long tycomponentglobals::idcounter

Definition at line 281 of file osainternal.h.

Boolean tycomponentglobals::isHomeProcess

Definition at line 267 of file osainternal.h.

tyMSglobals tycomponentglobals::menusharingglobals

Definition at line 315 of file osainternal.h.

tyrecordingstate tycomponentglobals::recordingstate

Definition at line 323 of file osainternal.h.

AEEventHandlerUPP tycomponentglobals::resumedispatchproc

Definition at line 295 of file osainternal.h.

Referenced by osaSetResumeDispatchProc().

long tycomponentglobals::resumedispatchprocrefcon

Definition at line 305 of file osainternal.h.

Component tycomponentglobals::self

Definition at line 265 of file osainternal.h.

OSASendUPP tycomponentglobals::sendproc

Definition at line 293 of file osainternal.h.

Referenced by osaGetSendProc().

long tycomponentglobals::sendprocrefcon

Definition at line 303 of file osainternal.h.

hdlthreadglobals tycomponentglobals::serverthreadglobals

Definition at line 313 of file osainternal.h.

hdlhashtable tycomponentglobals::storagetable

Definition at line 283 of file osainternal.h.

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