PGSETJMP.H File Reference

#include "CPUDEFS.H"
#include "PGERRORS.H"

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#define PGVolatile(x)   ((void) &x)
#define BOOLEAN_EXCEPTION   0x1000
#define pgGetError(globals)   (globals->last_error)
#define pgGetMessage(globals)   (globals->last_message)
#define pgGetReference(globals)   (globals->last_ref)
#define pgSetReference(globals, ref)   (globals->last_ref = ref)
#define pgReRaise(globals)   pgFailure(globals, pgGetError( globals ), pgGetMessage( globals ))
#define pgFailNIL(globals, allocation)   if (!(allocation)) pgFailure(globals, NO_MEMORY_ERR, 0)
#define pgFailZero(globals, allocation)   if (!(allocation)) pgFailure(globals, NO_MEMORY_ERR, 0)
#define pgFailBoolean(globals, b)   if ((b)) pgFailure( globals, BOOLEAN_EXCEPTION, 0)
#define pgFailError(globals, error)   if (error != NO_ERROR) pgFailure( globals, error, 0)
#define pgSetFailureHandler(globals, handler)   globals->last_handler = handler


typedef pgm_globals pgm_globals
typedef pgm_globals PG_FAR * pgm_globals_ptr
typedef pg_fail_info pg_fail_info
typedef pg_fail_info PG_FAR * pg_fail_info_ptr


typedef PG_FN_PASCAL (void, pg_error_handler)(pgm_globals_ptr globals)
 PG_PASCAL (void) pgPushHandler(pgm_globals_ptr globals
 PG_PASCAL (pg_error) pgProcessError(pg_error error)


pg_fail_info_ptr fail_info
pg_error error
pg_error long message
pg_error new_error
pg_error long new_msg
pg_error long void PG_FAR * new_ref
unsigned long what_ref
pg_error acceptable_error
pg_error pg_error actual_error

Define Documentation

#define BOOLEAN_EXCEPTION   0x1000

Definition at line 50 of file PGSETJMP.H.

#define pgFailBoolean globals,
 )     if ((b)) pgFailure( globals, BOOLEAN_EXCEPTION, 0)

Definition at line 100 of file PGSETJMP.H.

#define pgFailError globals,
error   )     if (error != NO_ERROR) pgFailure( globals, error, 0)

Definition at line 102 of file PGSETJMP.H.

#define pgFailNIL globals,
allocation   )     if (!(allocation)) pgFailure(globals, NO_MEMORY_ERR, 0)

Definition at line 96 of file PGSETJMP.H.

#define pgFailZero globals,
allocation   )     if (!(allocation)) pgFailure(globals, NO_MEMORY_ERR, 0)

Definition at line 98 of file PGSETJMP.H.

#define pgGetError globals   )     (globals->last_error)

Definition at line 90 of file PGSETJMP.H.

#define pgGetMessage globals   )     (globals->last_message)

Definition at line 91 of file PGSETJMP.H.

#define pgGetReference globals   )     (globals->last_ref)

Definition at line 92 of file PGSETJMP.H.

#define pgReRaise globals   )     pgFailure(globals, pgGetError( globals ), pgGetMessage( globals ))

Definition at line 94 of file PGSETJMP.H.

#define pgSetFailureHandler globals,
handler   )     globals->last_handler = handler

Definition at line 104 of file PGSETJMP.H.

#define pgSetReference globals,
ref   )     (globals->last_ref = ref)

Definition at line 93 of file PGSETJMP.H.

#define PGVolatile  )     ((void) &x)

Definition at line 48 of file PGSETJMP.H.

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct pg_fail_info pg_fail_info

Definition at line 57 of file PGSETJMP.H.

typedef pg_fail_info PG_FAR* pg_fail_info_ptr

Definition at line 58 of file PGSETJMP.H.

typedef struct pgm_globals pgm_globals

Definition at line 54 of file PGSETJMP.H.

typedef pgm_globals PG_FAR* pgm_globals_ptr

Definition at line 55 of file PGSETJMP.H.

Function Documentation

typedef PG_FN_PASCAL void  ,

PG_PASCAL pg_error   ) 

PG_PASCAL void   ) 

Variable Documentation

pg_error acceptable_error

Definition at line 74 of file PGSETJMP.H.

pg_error pg_error actual_error

Definition at line 74 of file PGSETJMP.H.

pg_error error

Definition at line 69 of file PGSETJMP.H.

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pg_fail_info_ptr fail_info

Definition at line 68 of file PGSETJMP.H.

pg_error long message

Definition at line 69 of file PGSETJMP.H.

Referenced by finderevent(), handlediskinserted(), landsystem7send(), and shellhandlejugglerevent().

pg_error new_error

Definition at line 71 of file PGSETJMP.H.

pg_error long new_msg

Definition at line 71 of file PGSETJMP.H.

pg_error long void PG_FAR* new_ref

Definition at line 71 of file PGSETJMP.H.

unsigned long what_ref

Definition at line 73 of file PGSETJMP.H.

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