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boolean havecomponentmanager (void)
boolean osagetcode (Handle, OSType, boolean, tyvaluerecord *)
boolean osagetsource (const tyvaluerecord *, OSType *, tyvaluerecord *)
boolean isosascriptnode (hdltreenode, tyvaluerecord *)
ComponentInstance getosaserver (OSType)
boolean evaluateosascript (const tyvaluerecord *, hdltreenode, bigstring, tyvaluerecord *)
boolean evaluateosascriptevent (const tyvaluerecord *, const AppleEvent *, AppleEvent *)
boolean osacomponentstart (void)
boolean osacomponentverifyshutdown (void)
void osacomponentshutdown (void)


Component osacomponent

Function Documentation

boolean evaluateosascript const tyvaluerecord ,
hdltreenode  ,
bigstring  ,

Definition at line 5713 of file osacomponent.c.

Referenced by binaryfunctionvalue(), evaltree(), and langfunctioncall().

boolean evaluateosascriptevent const tyvaluerecord ,
const AppleEvent ,

Definition at line 5812 of file osacomponent.c.

References openscriptcomponent(), osacomponenterror(), and osaval.

Referenced by langipchandletrapverb().

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ComponentInstance getosaserver OSType   ) 

Definition at line 5311 of file osacomponent.c.

References disposehandle(), tyservercomponent::hnext, hserverlist, tyservercomponent::instance, iscurrentapplication(), listunlink(), and nil.

Referenced by openscriptcomponent(), osagetcode(), and osaRunSharedMenuItem().

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boolean havecomponentmanager void   ) 

Definition at line 6009 of file osacomponent.c.

References gestalt().

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boolean isosascriptnode hdltreenode  ,

Definition at line 5571 of file osacomponent.c.

Referenced by evaltree(), handlerexpectsnames(), langfunctioncall(), and langipchandletrapverb().

void osacomponentshutdown void   ) 

Definition at line 6218 of file osacomponent.c.

Referenced by shellshutdown().

boolean osacomponentstart void   ) 

Definition at line 6274 of file osacomponent.c.

References coerceTypetoObj(), coerceTypetoObjUPP, filegetapplicationrnum(), havecomponentmanager, hclientlist, initmenusharingcomponent(), initosacomponent(), initosaservers(), initwindowsharingcomponent(), longsizeof, newclearhandle(), and typeType.

Referenced by frontierstart(), and main().

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boolean osacomponentverifyshutdown void   ) 

Definition at line 6040 of file osacomponent.c.

References bigstring, closeosaservers(), getprocessname(), getrecordingstring(), hclientlist, tycomponentglobals::hnext, iscurrentapplication(), msgdialog(), multipleclientsstring, nil, noErr, numbertostring(), and parsedialogstring().

Referenced by shellquit().

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boolean osagetcode Handle  ,
OSType  ,
boolean  ,

Definition at line 5456 of file osacomponent.c.

References cantopencomponenterror, copydatahandle(), tyAEDesc::dataHandle, tyAEDesc::descriptorType, getosaserver(), h, langostypeparamerror(), newdescwithhandle(), nil, osacomponenterror(), oserror(), setbinaryvalue(), and typeChar.

Referenced by opgetcodeverb(), and scriptbuildtree().

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boolean osagetsource const tyvaluerecord ,
OSType ,

Definition at line 5531 of file osacomponent.c.

References copydatahandle(), tyAEDesc::dataHandle, h, noErr, openscriptcomponent(), osacomponenterror(), osaval, setheapvalue(), stringvaluetype, and typeChar.

Referenced by opgetsourceverb().

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Variable Documentation

Component osacomponent

Definition at line 775 of file osacomponent.c.

Referenced by langipchandlefastscript().

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