tyheadrecord Struct Reference

#include <op.h>

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Detailed Description

Definition at line 72 of file op.h.

Data Fields

tyheadrecord ** headlinkdown
tyheadrecord ** headlinkup
tyheadrecord ** headlinkleft
tyheadrecord ** headlinkright
short headlevel
boolean flexpanded: 1
boolean fldirty: 1
boolean flmarked: 1
boolean tmpbit: 1
boolean fllocked: 1
boolean flcomment: 1
boolean flbreakpoint: 1
boolean fldrawelipsizes: 1
boolean fldynamic: 1
boolean appbit0: 1
boolean appbit1: 1
boolean appbit2: 1
boolean appbit3: 1
boolean appbit4: 1
boolean appbit5: 1
boolean appbit6: 1
boolean appbit7: 1
short hpixels
short vpixels
Handle hrefcon
Handle headstring

Field Documentation

boolean tyheadrecord::appbit0

Definition at line 96 of file op.h.

boolean tyheadrecord::appbit1

Definition at line 98 of file op.h.

boolean tyheadrecord::appbit2

Definition at line 100 of file op.h.

boolean tyheadrecord::appbit3

Definition at line 102 of file op.h.

boolean tyheadrecord::appbit4

Definition at line 104 of file op.h.

boolean tyheadrecord::appbit5

Definition at line 106 of file op.h.

boolean tyheadrecord::appbit6

Definition at line 108 of file op.h.

boolean tyheadrecord::appbit7

Definition at line 110 of file op.h.

boolean tyheadrecord::flbreakpoint

Definition at line 90 of file op.h.

boolean tyheadrecord::flcomment

Definition at line 88 of file op.h.

Referenced by opinsertheadline().

boolean tyheadrecord::fldirty

Definition at line 80 of file op.h.

Referenced by opdepositright().

boolean tyheadrecord::fldrawelipsizes

Definition at line 92 of file op.h.

boolean tyheadrecord::fldynamic

Definition at line 94 of file op.h.

boolean tyheadrecord::flexpanded

Definition at line 78 of file op.h.

Referenced by intablevisit(), opdepositright(), opdepositup(), opnewstructure(), and opsetexpandedbits().

boolean tyheadrecord::fllocked

Definition at line 86 of file op.h.

boolean tyheadrecord::flmarked

Definition at line 82 of file op.h.

short tyheadrecord::headlevel

Definition at line 76 of file op.h.

Referenced by metextualizerefconroutine(), opcopymarkedvisit(), opdepositdown(), opnewscreenmap(), and opundounlink().

struct tyheadrecord** tyheadrecord::headlinkdown

Definition at line 74 of file op.h.

Referenced by initializetableoutline(), meinsertmenu(), opbestfind(), opbumpflatdown(), opchasedown(), opdeletenode(), opdemote(), opdepositdown(), opdepositright(), opdepositup(), opfindhead(), opgetlastsubhead(), opinsertstructure(), opmaxlevelwidth(), opmoveoutlinedown(), opnthsubhead(), opnthsummit(), oppaste(), oppophoist(), oprecursivelyvisit(), oprecursivelyvisitkidsfirst(), oprecursivelyvisitmarked(), opsetexpandedbits(), opsiblingvisiter(), opsortlevel(), opunlink(), opupdatehotspot(), opvalidate(), opvalidatecanmove(), opvalidtree(), opvisitlist(), opxmlrecursivelyvisit(), and runoutlinedirectivesverb().

struct tyheadrecord ** tyheadrecord::headlinkleft

Definition at line 74 of file op.h.

Referenced by browserinsertagain(), intablevisit(), opbumpflatdown(), opchaseleft(), opdepositdown(), opdepositup(), opgetnextexpanded(), opinserthandle(), opinsertoutlineverb(), opmoveoutlineleft(), opnestedincomment(), opparentvisit(), oppophoist(), opsetmark(), opsubordinateto(), opvalidatecanmove(), and tablesymboldeletedvisit().

struct tyheadrecord ** tyheadrecord::headlinkright

Definition at line 74 of file op.h.

Referenced by opchaseright(), opdepositright(), opgetlastsubhead(), oppophoist(), oprecursivelyvisit(), oprecursivelyvisitkidsfirst(), oprecursivelyvisitmarked(), opupdatehotspot(), and opxmlrecursivelyvisit().

struct tyheadrecord ** tyheadrecord::headlinkup

Definition at line 74 of file op.h.

Referenced by intablevisit(), opchaseup(), opdepositdown(), opdepositright(), opfirstatlevel(), opmoveoutlineright(), oppaste(), oppromote(), oprecursivelyvisitmarked(), opunlink(), and opvalidatecanmove().

Handle tyheadrecord::headstring

Definition at line 118 of file op.h.

Referenced by runoutlinedirectivesverb().

short tyheadrecord::hpixels

Definition at line 112 of file op.h.

Handle tyheadrecord::hrefcon

Definition at line 116 of file op.h.

boolean tyheadrecord::tmpbit

Definition at line 84 of file op.h.

short tyheadrecord::vpixels

Definition at line 114 of file op.h.

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