iowa.h File Reference

#include <appletpopup.h>
#include "iowacore.h"
#include "iowaruntime.h"
#include "iowaprefs.h"

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Data Structures

struct  tyeditinfo


#define iowainclude
#define crosshaircursor   500
#define nubsize   5
#define vertdamagecontrol   /*doctitlebarheight*/0
#define draggingpix   3
#define draggingticks   10
#define undocutstring   4
#define undocopystring   5
#define undopastestring   6
#define undoclearstring   7
#define undotypingstring   8
#define undomovestring   9
#define undocleanstring   10
#define undoalignstring   11
#define undoresizestring   12
#define undodeletionstring   13
#define undoformatstring   14
#define undogroupstring   15
#define undoungroupstring   16


typedef tyeditinfo ** hdleditinfo


boolean packlist (hdlobject firstobject, Handle hpacked)
void disposeobject (hdlobject h)
boolean inselection (hdlobject x)
boolean editobjectdialog (tyobject *)
void madechanges (void)
void selectiondirty (void)
void putchildobjectlist (hdlobject, hdlobject)
boolean newobject (tyobject, hdlobject *)
boolean newgroupobject (hdlobject *)
boolean getnthsortedobject (short, hdlobject *)
boolean nothingselected (void)
void makeselectionempty (void)
void makefrontobject (hdlobject)
void sendobjecttoback (hdlobject)
void addtoselection (hdlobject)
boolean visitselectedobjects (tyobjectvisitroutine)
boolean flatvisitselectedobjects (tyobjectvisitroutine)
boolean firstselectedobject (hdlobject *)
boolean caneditobjecttext (hdlobject)
hdlobject findeditableobject (void)
boolean alignselectedobjects (tydirection)
boolean groupselectedobjects (void)
boolean ungroupselectedobjects (void)
boolean iowaiacmessage (void)
boolean iowafastiacmessage (void)
boolean getsingleselectedobject (hdlobject *)
hdleditrecord getanyactiveeditrecord (void)
void setselectionto (hdlobject)
void drawselectionframe (hdlobject, Rect, boolean)
boolean pointinnub (hdlobject, Point)
void invalnub (hdlobject)
boolean iowaedittable (void)
boolean setcardsize (short, short)
void zapcardwindow (void)
void enterarrowmode (void)

Define Documentation

#define crosshaircursor   500

Definition at line 88 of file iowa.h.

#define draggingpix   3

Definition at line 94 of file iowa.h.

Referenced by opisdraggingmove(), and opupdatehotspot().

#define draggingticks   10

Definition at line 95 of file iowa.h.

Referenced by opisdraggingmove().

#define iowainclude

Definition at line 28 of file iowa.h.

#define nubsize   5

Definition at line 90 of file iowa.h.

Referenced by drawborder(), and setnubonborder().

#define undoalignstring   11

Definition at line 105 of file iowa.h.

#define undocleanstring   10

Definition at line 104 of file iowa.h.

#define undoclearstring   7

Definition at line 101 of file iowa.h.

#define undocopystring   5

Definition at line 99 of file iowa.h.

#define undocutstring   4

Definition at line 98 of file iowa.h.

#define undodeletionstring   13

Definition at line 107 of file iowa.h.

#define undoformatstring   14

Definition at line 108 of file iowa.h.

#define undogroupstring   15

Definition at line 109 of file iowa.h.

#define undomovestring   9

Definition at line 103 of file iowa.h.

#define undopastestring   6

Definition at line 100 of file iowa.h.

#define undoresizestring   12

Definition at line 106 of file iowa.h.

#define undotypingstring   8

Definition at line 102 of file iowa.h.

#define undoungroupstring   16

Definition at line 110 of file iowa.h.

#define vertdamagecontrol   /*doctitlebarheight*/0

Definition at line 92 of file iowa.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct tyeditinfo ** hdleditinfo

Function Documentation

void addtoselection hdlobject   ) 

boolean alignselectedobjects tydirection   ) 

boolean caneditobjecttext hdlobject   ) 

void disposeobject hdlobject  h  ) 

Definition at line 1420 of file iowacore.c.

Referenced by disposeobject(), disposeobjectlist(), and recalcclone().

void drawselectionframe hdlobject  ,
Rect  ,

Referenced by drawobject().

boolean editobjectdialog tyobject  ) 

void enterarrowmode void   ) 

hdlobject findeditableobject void   ) 

boolean firstselectedobject hdlobject  ) 

boolean flatvisitselectedobjects tyobjectvisitroutine   ) 

hdleditrecord getanyactiveeditrecord void   ) 

boolean getnthsortedobject short  ,

boolean getsingleselectedobject hdlobject  ) 

boolean groupselectedobjects void   ) 

boolean inselection hdlobject  x  ) 

Definition at line 424 of file iowacore.c.

Referenced by drawobject().

void invalnub hdlobject   ) 

boolean iowaedittable void   ) 

boolean iowafastiacmessage void   ) 

boolean iowaiacmessage void   ) 

void madechanges void   ) 

Referenced by setCardAttributesVerb(), and setObjectAttributesVerb().

void makefrontobject hdlobject   ) 

void makeselectionempty void   ) 

boolean newgroupobject hdlobject  ) 

boolean newobject tyobject  ,

boolean nothingselected void   ) 

boolean packlist hdlobject  firstobject,
Handle  hpacked

boolean pointinnub hdlobject  ,

void putchildobjectlist hdlobject  ,

void selectiondirty void   ) 

void sendobjecttoback hdlobject   ) 

boolean setcardsize short  ,

void setselectionto hdlobject   ) 

boolean ungroupselectedobjects void   ) 

boolean visitselectedobjects tyobjectvisitroutine   ) 

void zapcardwindow void   ) 

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