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boolean langwinipcerrorroutine (bigstring bs, ptrvoid)
boolean langwinipchandleCOM (bigstring bsscriptname, void *pDispParams, tyvaluerecord *retval, boolean *flfoundhandler, unsigned int *errarg)
boolean langipcrunscript (bigstring bsscriptname, tyvaluerecord *vparams, hdlhashtable hcontext, tyvaluerecord *vreturned)

Function Documentation

boolean langipcrunscript bigstring  bsscriptname,
tyvaluerecord vparams,
hdlhashtable  hcontext,
tyvaluerecord vreturned

Definition at line 995 of file langwinipc.c.

References bigstring, BIGSTRING, tylangcallbacks::errormessagecallback, hashtablelookupnode(), hcode, langcallbacks, langcompilescript(), langdisposetree(), langexpandtodotparams(), langexternalvaltocode(), langkernelbuildparamlist(), langparamerror(), langsearchpathlookup(), langwinipcruncode(), nil, notfunctionerror, NULL, pophashtable(), pushbinaryoperation(), pushfunctioncall(), pushfunctionreference(), pushhashtable(), pushvalueontmpstack(), roottable, setaddressvalue(), setstringvalue(), and unknownfunctionerror.

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boolean langwinipcerrorroutine bigstring  bs,

Definition at line 71 of file langwinipc.c.

References currentprocess, exemptfromtmpstack(), nil, and setstringvalue().

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boolean langwinipchandleCOM bigstring  bsscriptname,
void *  pDispParams,
tyvaluerecord retval,
boolean flfoundhandler,
unsigned int *  errarg

Referenced by extInvoke().

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