tydisklistrecord Struct Reference

Detailed Description

Definition at line 69 of file oplist.c.

Data Fields

short recordsize
short versionnumber
unsigned long ctoutlinebytes
short ctitems
boolean flunused
boolean isrecord

Field Documentation

short tydisklistrecord::ctitems

Definition at line 77 of file oplist.c.

unsigned long tydisklistrecord::ctoutlinebytes

Definition at line 75 of file oplist.c.

boolean tydisklistrecord::flunused

Definition at line 79 of file oplist.c.

boolean tydisklistrecord::isrecord

Definition at line 81 of file oplist.c.

short tydisklistrecord::recordsize

Definition at line 71 of file oplist.c.

short tydisklistrecord::versionnumber

Definition at line 73 of file oplist.c.

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