tysavedmenuinfo Struct Reference

#include <menueditor.h>

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Detailed Description

Definition at line 87 of file menueditor.h.

Data Fields

short versionnumber
dbaddress adroutline
short vertmin
short vertmax
short vertcurrent
diskrect scriptwindowrect
short flags
short menuactivelayer
short lnumcursor
diskfontstring defaultscriptfontname
short defaultscriptfontsize
diskrect menuwindowrect
char waste [42]

Field Documentation

dbaddress tysavedmenuinfo::adroutline

Definition at line 91 of file menueditor.h.

diskfontstring tysavedmenuinfo::defaultscriptfontname

Definition at line 103 of file menueditor.h.

short tysavedmenuinfo::defaultscriptfontsize

Definition at line 105 of file menueditor.h.

short tysavedmenuinfo::flags

Definition at line 97 of file menueditor.h.

short tysavedmenuinfo::lnumcursor

Definition at line 101 of file menueditor.h.

short tysavedmenuinfo::menuactivelayer

Definition at line 99 of file menueditor.h.

diskrect tysavedmenuinfo::menuwindowrect

Definition at line 107 of file menueditor.h.

diskrect tysavedmenuinfo::scriptwindowrect

Definition at line 95 of file menueditor.h.

short tysavedmenuinfo::versionnumber

Definition at line 89 of file menueditor.h.

short tysavedmenuinfo::vertcurrent

Definition at line 93 of file menueditor.h.

short tysavedmenuinfo::vertmax

Definition at line 93 of file menueditor.h.

short tysavedmenuinfo::vertmin

Definition at line 93 of file menueditor.h.

char tysavedmenuinfo::waste[42]

Definition at line 109 of file menueditor.h.

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