typopuprecord Struct Reference

#include <shelltypes.h>

Detailed Description

Definition at line 123 of file shelltypes.h.

Data Fields

Rect popuprect
bigstring bs
boolean flarrows
boolean flleftarrow
boolean flrightarrow
boolean trackleftarrow
boolean trackrightarrow
short fontnum
short fontsize
short fontstyle
Rect leftarrowrect
Rect rightarrowrect
short checkeditem
short itemselected
short idmenu
boolean fldisposemenu
MenuHandle hmenu
popupcallback getmenucallback
popupcallback leftarrowcallback
popupcallback rightarrowcallback
popupcallback menuselectcallback
popupdrawcontentscallback drawcontentscallback

Field Documentation

bigstring typopuprecord::bs

Definition at line 30 of file appletpopup.h.

short typopuprecord::checkeditem

Definition at line 46 of file appletpopup.h.

popupdrawcontentscallback typopuprecord::drawcontentscallback

Definition at line 64 of file appletpopup.h.

boolean typopuprecord::flarrows

Definition at line 34 of file appletpopup.h.

boolean typopuprecord::fldisposemenu

Definition at line 52 of file appletpopup.h.

boolean typopuprecord::flleftarrow

Definition at line 36 of file appletpopup.h.

boolean typopuprecord::flrightarrow

Definition at line 36 of file appletpopup.h.

short typopuprecord::fontnum

Definition at line 40 of file appletpopup.h.

short typopuprecord::fontsize

Definition at line 40 of file appletpopup.h.

short typopuprecord::fontstyle

Definition at line 40 of file appletpopup.h.

popupcallback typopuprecord::getmenucallback

Definition at line 56 of file appletpopup.h.

MenuHandle typopuprecord::hmenu

Definition at line 54 of file appletpopup.h.

short typopuprecord::idmenu

Definition at line 50 of file appletpopup.h.

short typopuprecord::itemselected

Definition at line 48 of file appletpopup.h.

popupcallback typopuprecord::leftarrowcallback

Definition at line 58 of file appletpopup.h.

Rect typopuprecord::leftarrowrect

Definition at line 42 of file appletpopup.h.

popupcallback typopuprecord::menuselectcallback

Definition at line 62 of file appletpopup.h.

Rect typopuprecord::popuprect

Definition at line 125 of file shelltypes.h.

popupcallback typopuprecord::rightarrowcallback

Definition at line 60 of file appletpopup.h.

Rect typopuprecord::rightarrowrect

Definition at line 44 of file appletpopup.h.

boolean typopuprecord::trackleftarrow

Definition at line 38 of file appletpopup.h.

boolean typopuprecord::trackrightarrow

Definition at line 38 of file appletpopup.h.

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