tyselectinfo Struct Reference

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Detailed Description

Definition at line 186 of file wpengine.c.

Data Fields

long startsel
long endsel
long origsel
boolean flreselect: 1
boolean flrecalc: 1
hdlwprecord hwp
union {
   Handle   hseldata
   pg_ref   hwpsel

Field Documentation

long tyselectinfo::endsel

Definition at line 188 of file wpengine.c.

boolean tyselectinfo::flrecalc

Definition at line 194 of file wpengine.c.

boolean tyselectinfo::flreselect

Definition at line 192 of file wpengine.c.

Handle tyselectinfo::hseldata

Definition at line 200 of file wpengine.c.

hdlwprecord tyselectinfo::hwp

Definition at line 196 of file wpengine.c.

pg_ref tyselectinfo::hwpsel

Definition at line 202 of file wpengine.c.

long tyselectinfo::origsel

Definition at line 190 of file wpengine.c.

long tyselectinfo::startsel

Definition at line 188 of file wpengine.c.

union { ... } tyselectinfo::u

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