appletzoom.c File Reference

#include "appletdefs.h"
#include "appletquickdraw.h"
#include "appletzoom.h"

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#define zoomfixer   65536L
#define zoomsteps   16


static short zoomblend (short i1, short i2)
static void zoomrect (Rect *smallrect, Rect *bigrect, Boolean zoomup)
void zoomport (WindowPtr w, boolean flup)


Fixed zoomfract

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#define zoomfixer   65536L

Definition at line 11 of file appletzoom.c.

#define zoomsteps   16

Definition at line 13 of file appletzoom.c.

Referenced by zoominit(), and zoomrect().

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static short zoomblend short  i1,
short  i2

Definition at line 20 of file appletzoom.c.

References zoomfixer, and zoomfract.

void zoomport WindowPtr  w,
boolean  flup

Definition at line 114 of file appletzoom.c.

References localtoglobalrect(), and zoomrect().

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static void zoomrect Rect smallrect,
Rect bigrect,
Boolean  zoomup

Definition at line 34 of file appletzoom.c.

References i, quickdrawglobal, zoomblend(), zoomfixer, zoomfract, and zoomsteps.

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Fixed zoomfract

Definition at line 15 of file appletzoom.c.

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