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#define opentrypointsinclude


boolean opupdate (void)
boolean opactivate (boolean)
boolean opidle (void)
boolean opsetcursor (void)
boolean opgetscrollbarinfo (void)
boolean opresetscrollbars (void)
boolean opscroll (tydirection, boolean, int)
boolean opscrollto (boolean, int)
boolean opsetselectioninfo (void)
boolean opmousedown (Point)
boolean opkeystroke (void)
boolean opcmdkeyfilter (char)
boolean opundo (void)
boolean opcut (void)
boolean opcopy (void)
boolean oppaste (void)
boolean opclear (void)
boolean opselectall (void)
boolean opreadscrap (void)
boolean opwritescrap (void)
 opdisposeoutline (hdloutlinerecord, boolean)

Define Documentation

#define opentrypointsinclude

Definition at line 28 of file opentrypoints.h.

Function Documentation

boolean opactivate boolean   ) 

Definition at line 1778 of file op.c.

Referenced by activate(), browserstart(), meactivate(), meactivateoutline(), opstart(), scriptsetdata(), scriptstart(), and tableverbactivate().

boolean opclear void   ) 

Definition at line 2431 of file opstructure.c.

References opdelete(), opeditclear(), optrytextcommand(), pushundoaction(), and undoclearstring.

Here is the call graph for this function:

boolean opcmdkeyfilter char   ) 

Definition at line 1631 of file op.c.

Referenced by mecmdkeyfilter(), opstart(), scriptcmdkeyfilter(), and tableverbcmdkeyfilter().

boolean opcopy void   ) 

Definition at line 2187 of file opstructure.c.

References hfirstscrap, hlastscrap, nil, nodirection, opanymarked(), opcopymarkedvisit(), opcopyoutline(), opdisposestructure(), opeditcopy(), opsetscrap(), optrytextcommand(), opvisitmarked(), opwriteeditbuffer(), outlinedata, and STR_copy.

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boolean opcut void   ) 

Definition at line 2454 of file opstructure.c.

References opcopy(), opdelete(), opeditcut(), optrytextcommand(), pushundoaction(), and undocutstring.

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opdisposeoutline hdloutlinerecord  ,

Definition at line 1499 of file opops.c.

boolean opgetscrollbarinfo void   ) 

Referenced by ophoistdisplay(), oppoststylechange(), oprefreshdisplay(), opresetscrollbars(), and opsetdisplayverb().

boolean opidle void   ) 

Definition at line 1767 of file op.c.

Referenced by browseridle(), idle(), meidle(), opstart(), opverbidle(), scriptidle(), and tableverbidle().

boolean opkeystroke void   ) 

Definition at line 1293 of file op.c.

Referenced by browserstart(), keystroke(), mekeystroke(), opstart(), opverbkeystroke(), scriptkeystroke(), and tableverbkeystroke().

boolean opmousedown Point   ) 

Referenced by browserstart(), memousedown(), mousedown(), opstart(), scriptmousedown(), and tableverbmousedown().

boolean oppaste void   ) 

Definition at line 2570 of file opstructure.c.

References disposehandle(), down, equalheadstrings(), tyoutlinerecord::hbarcursor, tyheadrecord::headlinkdown, tyheadrecord::headlinkup, infinity, isoutlinescrap(), nil, opafterstrucchange(), opbeforestrucchange(), opclearallmarks(), opcopyoutline(), opdepositdown(), opeditpaste(), opeditsetselection(), opfastcollapse(), opgetscrap(), opnodechanged(), opnodevisible(), oppushundo(), opredodelete(), opresetlevels(), opsetctexpanded(), opsetmark(), opsettextmode(), optrytextcommand(), opvisinode(), outlinedata, popundoaction(), pushundoaction(), and undopastestring.

Here is the call graph for this function:

boolean opreadscrap void   ) 

boolean opresetscrollbars void   ) 

Definition at line 225 of file opscrollbar.c.

Referenced by browserselectfile(), browserstart(), main(), megetscrollbarinfo(), opactivate(), opafterstrucchange(), opcollapse(), opdovisiscroll(), opedit(), opexpand(), opexpandto(), opexpandupdate(), ophorizscroll(), opjumpdisplayto(), opmovetohotspot(), oppostedit(), oprefreshdisplay(), opresize(), opscrollto(), opsetdisplayverb(), opstart(), opvertscroll(), opxmlsetwindowverticalscrollstate(), scriptstart(), and tablestart().

boolean opscroll tydirection  ,
boolean  ,

boolean opscrollto boolean  ,

boolean opselectall void   ) 

Definition at line 1674 of file op.c.

Referenced by browserstart(), meselectall(), opstart(), scriptstart(), selectall(), and tablestart().

boolean opsetcursor void   ) 

Referenced by browserstart(), idle(), meadjustcursor(), opstart(), scriptadjustcursor(), and tableverbadjustcursor().

boolean opsetselectioninfo void   ) 

Definition at line 288 of file op.c.

Referenced by browserstart(), menuverbsetselectioninfo(), opstart(), scriptsetselectioninfo(), setselectioninfo(), and tablesetselectioninfo().

boolean opundo void   ) 

boolean opupdate void   ) 

Definition at line 1036 of file opdisplay.c.

Referenced by meupdate(), opstart(), scriptupdate(), tableupdate(), and update().

boolean opwritescrap void   ) 

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